Saturday, July 30, 2011

Your light is a lamp unto my feet!

Whisper my heart, the cry of my soul

Brush strokes the painter,making me whole.

The life I lay down, the trust I do give

For you my sweet Jesus, I live, I live, I live

Tears splashing down, his beauty the page

The hand of the master,  his colors displayed

The life I lay down, the faith I do give

For you my sweet Jesus, I live, I live, I live

Walking forth boldy, strength rises up

Your word is my light, boldness my cup

The life I lay down, the love I do give

For you my sweet Jesus, I live, I live, I live

My Best Friend!

It is difficult to describe the love and admiration I have for my husband …my best friend!

“For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and health”

A vow my husband and I made almost 30 years ago, not realizing at the young age of 22 and 24 exactly what that commitment would mean!

It was August 2002 when life as we had known it was radically changed. I was a wife, mother of 5, and a successful business woman. It was at this time in my life at the young age of 42, that I discovered that I had a rare form of terminal cancer and had only one short year to live! The devastation, fear and hopelessness attempts to cover you like a blanket, these emotions can steal a life! In that numb place my husband came by my side and held me up and encouraged me to fight. Together we decided to “choose life” and even though I was given this death sentence we believe that even when all hope was gone we could hope still.

His response to this life’s journey has been unconditional love. He has taught me by his actions that love is a verb and he has encouraged me daily to not give up.

In the dark of the night I would wake up crying and together we would hold one another as my sweet husband would pray and ask God for supernatural strength that we both so desperately needed. In his arms I would fall asleep again, knowing that everything would be okay!

I was given a glimpse of this unconditional love when after a major surgery that left me in severe pain and in the hospital for 9 days my soul mate had been laying on a cot beside me in a hospital bed, and never leaving my side because he believes no one can care for me quite like he can. We are one and you can no longer tell where one begins and the other ends.

After 5 surgeries I have been left with several scars and with Rick’s sweet encouragement I feel more beautiful than ever! His attitude is that these old wounds are reminders that I am a warrior in this battle and I am not alone. What kind of wonderful man is this?

I have a man that would live by the river in a tent as long as we can be together, he is the strength for me and our children and grandchildren.

I could not have continued to walk this journey if it wasn’t for my husband. This diagnosis made us realize that we truly only have this moment in time and I know God has lovingly handpicked this amazing person in my life as a gift from Him.

My best friend is by my side and together we have fought and continue to fight. Each day we choose life, choose joy, and make the most of the life that we have.

I am a miracle, a miracle of God’s love and grace, a miracle of a husbands love and support, and 9 years later the Doctor’s are baffled……they say I am filled with cancer and should not be alive but I live still!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breath by Breath

Breath by Breath,
You hold out another portion for me to grasp.
Lover of my soul,
Find a place for me to wade deep in the waters of faith and trust.
Light my way,
Dim the voice of hopelessness; it is but a mere vapor of distress.
Mold me into an image of you,
Let nothing bind me to the frailty of this world.
May your strength and power,
Be plentiful for my journey
Daily providing the manna my soul longs for.

In Him,